LEWIS AND CLARK, 1805.  With Sacagawea at Three Forks of the Missouri.

ROAR‘s awkwardness begins with two guys in Snuggies and ends with the music video for Hanson’s “MMMBop,” but it’s thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.”

-Anna Minard

Seattle Stranger


Snuggies + Lewis , Clark, Sacagawea+Hanson= Roar

Roar is a comedy that explores what could happen when a group of TV, Iphone obsessed young adults, leave the world of electronics behind and explore the great outdoors. What would you do? Would you freak out, steal a van, and pretend to be Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea and make your way to the Grand Canyon? That’s what the characters of Roar decide to do. On their journey to the grandest canyon in the world, they have loads of fun and learn a lot of interesting things about their new and adventurous selves.

ROAR Roar (2)

403367_10151281970430462_251312990_n  419624_10151281984565462_1963046200_n 424925_10151281977580462_197086197_n  roar 1

Lewis: Joshua Williamson

Clark: Robert Kompare

Sacagawea: Samantha Leeds

Photos taken by: Trey Hanawalt


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